A Letter From Dana

Thank you for you time and interest in Kitchen of Dana.

I would like to introduce myself.  I am Dana Berry, founder of Kitchen of Dana.  A Georgia Grown, gourmet frozen food business providing frozen southern comfort food.  As a busy wife and mom of three, it was and is hard to cook every night after a long day of work, mom taxi, homework, housework and whatever life throws at you on any particular day.

I had an idea which turned into a dream to create products worthy of being placed on any dinner table.  A product the busy mom, dad, grandparent, aunt, uncle, friend would have satisfaction knowing they were providing their family and friends with wholesome meal.


Freezer to Oven to Table – that’s what is needed!!
Freezer – waiting on you
Oven – creating dinner as you do life
Table – time to enjoy what matters most: loved ones.


Kitchen of Dana began in our basement kitchen with five mixers, two reach-in freezers, and one refrigerator.  November 2014 our Macaroni & Cheese made its debut in our local IGA and shortly after in Green’s Grocery.  As time passed, our family of retailers grew.  We moved into our new and BIGGER facility in December of 2016.

The process and quality control we use to create our products ensures trust from customers when they see Kitchen of Dana products.  Only premium ingredients are used to create the creamy goodness.  Our customers know automatically that the time was taken to provide quality in each dish.

Our Signature Macaroni & Cheese has built trust in our brand and as a result our customers have asked for more.  In 2019 Kitchen of Dana launched the new casseroles line.  With this new line we stay true to our Frozen Southern Comfort Food slogan.  Our selections range from Broccoli Bake to Sweet Potato Soufflé.  We offer different portions to accommodate any family size.

Our journey has just begun and I hope you choose to join our Kitchen of Dana Family.

Best Regards,


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